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Stainless Steel Washdown

HVAC Single Phase ODP Premium Efficient

Rolled Steel ODP Aegis SGR

New Products

* NEW*  Rolled Steel ODP NEMA Premium Close Coupled (1HP-40HP) [DJPP/DJMP]

*New*Cast Iron TEFC NEMA Premium Close Coupled [JPP/JMP]

*New* Max-PE TEFC NEMA Premium Round Body C-Face [NPV_C]

*New* Max-E1 TEFC NEMA Premium Round Body C-Face (125-300 HP) [EPV_C]

*New* Keyless Shaft TEFC NEMA Premium (200HP-500HP) [EPY]

*New* Max-HT Low Voltage Crusher Duty Design A [CDP]

*New* Max-HT Med Voltage Crusher Duty Design C, HIGH TORQUE [KD}

*New* HVAC Single Phase OPD NEMA Premium [SP/SPH]

*New* HVAC Single Phase TEFC NEMA Premium (1/4HP-3HP) [SPT/SPHT]

*New* HVAC Single Phase TEFC Energy Efficient (3HP-10HP) [ST]

*** We are now offering a 5% discount and a 5 Year warranty on Motor & Drive packages developed for both constant and variable torque applications***

Gail Price

Motors Specialist

Oak Hill Controls, LLC

22 S. Commerce Way

Suite #9 

Bethlehem, PA 18017

Gail has specialized in TECO motors and VFD's for 27 years. For more information and competitive pricing please contact Gail at your convenience.

Mobile: (610) 513-1032